Welcome to ZeBU

ZeBU is a creative abbreviation for ‘Scenekunst for børn og unge’ – dramatic art for children and young people. The word ‘scenekunst’ or dramatic art indicates that our audience can expect everything from plays to dancing, from mime to musical shows, from puppet theatre to circus performances.  The idea is that children and young people should think that it is fun, cool and exciting to go to the theatre. And for them to feel the experience is worthwhile.

The zebu is also the hunchback ox which sometimes crops up on our posters, brochures and on our website. In India, this animal is so important for people that it is allowed to walk freely around the streets, and everyone stops for it in the traffic. In the same way, we want to offer busy urban families and school classes the opportunity to take a break and disconnect from their daily routines when visiting us to experience theatre. There is no stress or rush here – only concentration and positive experiences.

ZeBU creates professional theatre which is accessible to children. And we present the performances in a universe which also appeals to young people aged between 13 and 16 years old. The idea is that children and young people should think that it is fun, cool and exciting to go to the theatre. And for them to feel the experience is worthwhile.

Theatre is a constantly developing art form. It changes in relation to which stories we choose to tell, how we tell them and who we tell them to. But no matter what, theatre is always a living and unpredictable meeting between a story and an audience; a dialogue in the present, a momentary shared experience. This is both its huge vulnerability, but at the same time its endless strength, which makes theatre so unique. This is particularly valid for theatre for children and young people.

We are thrilled to share a poetic, humorous, deep, wry, raw, wondrous and not least living theatre season with our audiences.

See you in our theatre at Amager or on the road!

Jørgen Carlslund and Marc van der Velden.
Artistic directors

portræt af Marcogjørgen
Photo: Martin Bubandt


The management

Artistic directors

Jørgen portræt
Jørgen Carlslund. Photo: Martin Bubandt

Artistic director of the Corona Dance Theatre since 1988. As choreographer and director he has been behind the development of ideas, concepts and choreography for many of the theatre’s performances, in which he also often stars as a dancer.

Marc portræt
Marc van der Velden. Photo: Martin Bubandt

Co-founder of Theater La Balance in 1988. Artistic director since 1997. Actor in the first productions and since then director of most of the theatre’s performances.He has written the manuscript for nine of the theatre’s productions.


Rikke Lange
Freelance performance director, props manager and producer of Kaleidoskop, Hotel Pro Forma and Teater Hedeland.Previously performance director and props manager at the Betty Nansen Theatre.Rikke has relevant props training from the Danish National School of Theatre.

Biba Schwoon, chairman
Dramatist, consultant and organiser, with children’s theatre and youth culture as area of specialisation.Biba has spent many years working as a youth culture writer and working for the Children’s Theatre Federation (BTS)on quality and legislation. She was also a previous long-standing member of the board of BTS and RBOT.

Frank Lambert
Qualified as a culture geographer and in physical education from Gerlev’s Sports Academy, Paul Petersen’s Sports Institute and the Sport’s Institute at Copenhagen University.Frank has taught children, young people, adults and seniors in a wide range of sports, and focuses on allowing room for both play and learning.

Vibeke Nathalia Nielsen
Culture worker at Kvarterhuset, Amagerbro Kultur
Qualified with e BA in English and Religious Studies.Previous association work:Chairman for the Frivilligcenter Netvirket and for Studenterhus Odense.


Sponsors and partnerships

ZeBU has a goal to be a qualified, professional and inspiring partner for business and aid.

We continually work to become a strong local cultural institution who develop ideas and projects in collaboration with other local cultural institutions and cultural networks.

ZeBU are sponsored by Københavns Kommune Kultur- og Fritidsudvalget and Statens Kunstråd