When the kids are the experts!

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When the kids are the experts!

Imagine three beings from a distant galaxy show up at a random school. Imagine that it is the kids who have to teach the three ignorant aliens how to behave in a classroom. This is the premise for the unpredictable show of Classy!

In Classy! the kids are the experts who have to teach the aliens how to behave in a classroom. What is it to be a good friend? How do you get popular? How do you bully? When do you have to sit quietly? In short: How can you be a part of a community? All of this is the audience decision.

Tour specs

Price 9.600 kr. (excl. VAT)
Audience capacity 100
Height 350 cm
Lenght 1200 cm
Depth 800 cm
Power 230 V (13 A)
Requires blackout Yes
Set up time 120 min.
Tear down time 60 min.

From 7-14 years

Tour Dates March 14th - 18th 2022

Duration 50 min.

Contact tour-coordinator
Henriette Kudsk
+45 71 99 88 77

Let learning reach a new level with a theatre experience, that can be integrated into the classroom with a well planned and coordinated workshop course at your school.


Cast Julie Riis, Jan Overgaard Mogensen, Carl Martin Norén
Idea, concept and director Jørgen Carlslund
Set- and costume design Malte Burup
Lighting design Jon Gelting
Sound design Asger Kudahl
Tailor Sophie Bellin Hansen
Dramaturg Anne Burup Nymark
Photography Jens Hemmel
Trailer Heroland


”Successful theatre dialogue. In Real Life.”
– Teateravisen, Anne Middelboe Christensen