A performance about you and your friends

Come on!

A performance about you and your friends

We are at a school somewhere in Denmark. You and your class are gathered as usual. Suddenly, two young people that you have not seen before show up. They have a plan. There’s something they want and you have to join.

Two young people go on stage in an interplay between being themselves and playing themselves. The young actors are backed up by two actors, who represent the adult layer in the young people’s lives.

Based on the audience’s attitudes, body language and good advice, an improvised story emerges about what moves you. Nothing is planned. The only thing we know is that when the show ends, we know each other a little better, for better or worse.

Tour specs

Price 5.800 kr. (excl. VAT)
Audience capacity 60
Height 250 cm
Length 700 cm
Depth 800 cm
Power 230 V (3x16A)
Requires blackout Yes
Set up time 60 min.
Tear down time 30 min.

From 13 years

Tour Dates January 17th - 29th 2022

Duration 50 min.

Contact tour-coordinator
Henriette Kudsk
+45 71 99 88 77

Let learning reach a new level with a theatre experience, that can be integrated into the classroom with a well planned and coordinated workshop course at your school.


Cast Sidse Schunck, Anthon Thams, Lotte Bergstrøm, Jan Overgaard Mogensen
Producer Sine Sværdborg
Lighting designer Katja Andreassen
Photographer Jens Hemmel


Experience the world through the eyes of young people in an improvised performance that emerges with the audience.