Guest play by MÆRKVÆRK

My Body – Your Eyes

Guest play by MÆRKVÆRK

In My Body – Your Eyes the stage is taken by different bodies. We explore how bodies look, who is inside them and what they are made of. How can a body be affected by looks from others? By ideals? By notions? By language? By social media? Are we our body or the other’s look – or maybe both?

In My Body – Your Eyes we are getting to know more about what can create and define our image of ourselves and others, and everything that amplifies, shifts and distorts that image. The performance is a staged sensuous documentary about body, identity and self worth based on interviews with teenagers aged 13-19.

From 13 years

Performance Dates Marc 15th - 25th 2022

Duration 60 min.

Price 40-135

Guestplay MÆRKVÆRK

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Cast Anne Gry Henningsen, Mikkel Løvenholt Reenberg
Director Lene Skytt
Set design Simone Bartholin
Producer Karoline Michelsen
Graphics Robin Neil Hart


We live in a culture where even photo models are photoshopped to become perfect, but the perfect is an illusion. It is unattainable. Our body ideals are unattainable.

– Psychologist Marianne Kruse