Can you live on a lie?

Snow and Sand

Can you live on a lie?

Johan has lost his key and is locked out. When will mum be home? Darkness falls on the snow at the apartment building.

Snow and Sand tells the story of a kid’s struggle with the reality of everyday life. Mum is always working, and she and Dad are not living together anymore. Johan has to take care of himself the best he can. He uses his imagination to shape a sense of meaning of it all. If he just makes his own story in his mind about what is going on then maybe reality is is not too bad after all. But what happens when imagination goes too far? It is snowballs, love, betrayal and exposure.

Tour specs

Price 5.600 kr. (excl. VAT)
Audience capacity 60
Height 250 cm
Length 750 cm
Depth 800 cm
Power 230 V (10A)
Set up time 60 min.
Tear down time 30 min.

From 10 years

Performance Dates April 4th - 8th 2022

Tour Dates January 13th - March 31st 2022

Duration 50 min.

Price 40-135 kr.

Contact tour-coordinator
Henriette Kudsk
+45 71 99 88 77

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Idea, script and cast Carl Martin Norén
Director Jørgen Carlslund
Consultant Jan Overgaard Mogensen
Sound design Asger Kudahl
Photography Jens Hemmel
Trailer A Drenna Production

”With just a few means Carl Martin Norén brings forth a touching story about a fragile upbringing, where he unfolds our 12 year old main character’s emotions without too many grown up explanations.”
Gudrun Hagen, Teateravisen