Guest play by Teater Apropos, Teaterhuset Filuren and Syddjurs Egnsteater


Guest play by Teater Apropos, Teaterhuset Filuren and Syddjurs Egnsteater

In this show, the world has changed. A mysterious accident causes three young people – Evy, Tym and Nor – to search away from the dome kingdom in which they grew up. They search down into an unknown limestone pit. Preserved in chalk and salt, they find a pile of diaries written by young people during the corona pandemic of 2020 – an event that changed the world forever.

With imagination, humor and a surprising ease, playwright Amalie Olesen leads us into a narrative that plays with the big questions many of us tumble with these years. How will the corona crisis have long-term consequences for our society? Are we heading into the time of pandemics? What happens to us if a new pandemic hits once we are through the corona crisis?

From 13 years

Performance Dates April 25th - 27th 2023

Duration 65 min.

Price 40-135

Guestplay Teater Apropos and Teaterhuset Filuren

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Cast Ludmilla Faber Strim, Jens Kepny Kristensen, Nanna Eide
Director Marc van der Velden 
Playwright Amalie Olesen
Set design Baum & Leahy
Lighting design Jesper Jepsson
Composer Marcus Aurelius Hjelmborg
Dramaturg Marion Vick
Set design assistant Caroline Bang Hedegaard, Fie Von Veer
Photography Ditte Chemnitz
Music Frederik Sakham, Johan Toftegaard Knudsen, Lars Vissing, Tobias Stavngaard (Aarhus Jazz Orchestra)


“twentytwenty is a successful show and a very exciting project. I have absolutely no doubt that the audience of 13+ will feel seen, heard and understood.”

– Trine Wøldiche,