Advice for schools

To ensure that your pupils and the rest of the audience have the best possible theatre experience, it is a good idea for teachers to be aware of the following both before and during your visit to ZeBU:

  1. The doors to the show close exactly at the stated time. Therefore, arrive in good time.
  2. Like at the cinema, mobile phones must be switched off completely during the show.
  3. Theatre must be experienced live – not via illegal recordings. It is not permitted to record audio or images without ZeBU’s permission. However, if you want to remember the event, photographs and trailers can be viewed at
  4. Snacks and drinks can be purchased and enjoyed in the foyer, but not in the auditorium. Lunch packs may be consumed in the foyer after the show.
  5. There is a free cloakroom for coats, which therefore do not need to be taken into the auditorium. We know from experience that wearing a duvet jacket for several hours will leave the wearer feeling too hot, so it is much better if outerwear is left in the cloakroom which is supervised throughout the entire show.