Dramatic art in the Open School

Need inspiration on how to integrate dramatic art in your teaching?

Here, read about what ZiU can offer you and your class. All workshops and teaching courses are tailored to meet the academic and social objectives for each class.

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Pre- and post-workshops

Før og efter workshop

In the pre-workshop, children experiment with the artistic idioms and themes of the show in question. At the same time, they are introduced to the language which is used for expression and reflection. When, during the show, the children hear the actors saying the lines, using the props or making the same movements which they themselves have experimented with, the sense of recognition can create a special relation to and understanding of how the show is being staged, what is motivating the characters and the skills being used.

Workshops after the performance comprise creative and playful exercises in participatory reflection, discussion and evaluation. We ask the pupils: What was the most intense experience for you, and why? We provide them with tools and concepts that enable them to put their preferences into words and physical expressions. After the two workshops, the class is invited to continue working back at school with the performance’s teaching material which is prepared by ZiU for all ZeBU productions.

A pre- and post-workshop thus equips children for working with aesthetic teaching processes within a specific theme on the basis of specific common development goals. Later, the class can continue working with the performance’s teaching material.

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Skills training - get the message beyond the stage


When you do an oral exam, go for a job interview or give a talk, it is like being on stage and using many of the same techniques as actors. At ZiU we offer assertiveness training for young people. Working with the voice and body, we give you the tools you need to keep your nerves under control, feel confident about yourself and communicate everything you need to impart to achieve your goals. We train young people through long-term one-to-one courses, and hold workshops for pupils in Years 7-9 at lower secondary school and at upper secondary school.

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Theatrescience - a performative approach to natural sciences


The Theatre Science workshop was conceived out of a desire to add an aesthetic and fictive dimension to the natural sciences in order to arouse the curiosity of pupils who are doing well in the subjects but just as much for those who feel less confident.

Adding a fictional element, for example to biology lessons, lends importance and relevance to the exercises and the experiments which the pupils have to perform because they form part of an overall fictitious universe about the discovery of a new and unknown planet.

Working method
We work with a shared fictitious universe: We are scientists on a newly discovered planet – we are studying and working with knowledge about various flora, different living conditions and natural phenomena, geographical and physical/chemical conditions as well as categorising the fauna which is found on the planet.

The pupils learn to describe these subjects as they have to tell the rest of the class about their findings and discoveries.

The workshop constitutes a new approach to biology, geography, physics and chemistry. The pupils’ awareness of the methodologies of the natural sciences will be strengthened, and their understanding of the interplay between them and the world at large is developed and enhanced.

Target groups

Years 4-6 – Natural sciences.
Years 7-9 – Biology, Geography, Physics and Chemistry