How to book a touring performance

If you have never booked a tour show, you will find relevant information on this page. This will also serve as a useful checklist for the seasoned theatre organiser.

Contact and contract
Contact ZeBU’s tour coordinator Henriette Kudsk if you would like to purchase a tour show.

Please note the show’s intended age group. Agree date, time and price etc. Once we have agreed the terms, we will send you a contract which must be signed and returned. See an example of a contract here: Standardcontract

On the venue
Please note when ZeBU requires access to the theatre venue to set up as well as how long it takes before we leave the theatre venue once the performance is over. We might ask for a helping hand at the venue to carry stage sets, but this will be covered by the contract and the ongoing planning dialogue.

Make sure that your contact at the theater venue is available while we are with you if any questions arise.

Remember, if a complete blackout is required, then that is what is meant: TOTAL blackout.

We will send you information about the performance as well as flyers and posters before the performance so you can advertise in advance.

All of ZeBU’s performances are approved for reimbursement. The Reimbursement Committee (Refusionsudvalget) sanctions children’s and adults’ outreach shows which are staged under the auspices of a local authority. The Danish State reimburses 50 per cent of local authorities’ expenditure on the purchase of professional children’s theatre performances and outreach theatre which is eligible for reimbursement in accordance with the rules in the government order.