IRL - three year pilot for Børnekulturens Netværk

ZeRUM (the earlier ZiU) has taken part in a model experiment, the aim being to develop the IRL method. This is a theatre method where shows are performed without a manuscript.

The project is an attempt to shift from hierarchical, one-way communicative drama to an inclusive, interactive drama universe where users can contribute or participate at many levels and on different platforms. A new way of working with drama, which seeks to live up to the ideals of the playful human being and the democratic citizen.

The purpose is to develop experience, techniques and methods for producing drama universes that can accommodate user involvement and interaction through various artistic styles (drama, music, literature and through visual art). They are communicated on different platforms, which after the end of the model experiment can be used by theatres and other cultural producers.

ZeRUM’s founder Sine Sværdborg has written a Master’s thesis about the IRL method. Read the thesis here


Stageart in education

´Scenekunst i Undervisningen

In collaboration with Midtsjællands Gymnasium and Skoletjenesten Sjælland ZeRUM has published a methodical manual. The manual consists of best practices about stageart from five different professionel theatres for children and young. ZeBU:, Det Røde Rum v. Det kgl. teater, Aaben Dans, C:NTACT og teater 770.

In the manual is the theaters thinking about theater turned into theater exercises that you can use in the classroom. All exercises are supplemented with images of young people and children, who work with the exercises.

You can download the manual for free here 

Rød grød med sjösjuka sjömän - Education in neighboring languages with theatre as a method

ZeRUM (and also now ZiU) work with language and theater. For example, we have cooperated with the Øresund Committee, Ministry of Education, Nordic Culture Fund and North Plus in connection with a series of workshops and through theater exercises which adresses the Nordic languages in the school curriculum in a creative and playful way.

Read more about the project: Nabosprog med teater som metode