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Four incredible festivals for all ages

Denmarks is known for its children’s theatre. But there are always one too many exciting initiatives abroad that the Danish audience only rarely experience. Springfestival arose from the ambition of wanting to gather the best children’s theatre from home and abroad at a single festival in Copenhagen – and you are invited. It all goes down from May 25th – 30th 2021.

Springfestival 2021 will fill Musiktorvet and the four surrounding venues at Amager Kulturpunkt to their breaking point with striking, fun, surprising and thoughtful performances from a string of competent Danish and foreign theatre. We will reveal the lineup during the spring of 2021 and ticket sales open in April.

Welcome to the 12th edition of Amager Children’s Theatre Festival and an autumn break filled with wonderous theatre and workshops for children and their parents. Seven cultural insitutions across Amager unite the stages for a collected line-up of good stories, magical spaces and subtle costumes. This year’s programme will be filled with theatre that breeds curiousity, dreams and wonder. Bring the whole family for a handful of magical experiences from October 16th – 24th 2021.

Keeping up with our annual tradition the winter holidays will be filled by music with notes from all over the world, when the cultural institutions at Amager open their doors for one bang of a music festival for children and young souls.

In collaboration with Børnekulturhus Ama’r and seven other institutions we turn concerts, workshops and installations to 11 with a program full of jazz, hip-hop and baby-opera. Mark your calendars at February 14th – 20th 2022 and delight the family with music for kids and youngsters alike.

Festival for youth theatre

They are streaming. Netflixing. Counting snapstreaks. Following YouTubers. But do they watch theatre? And if it was up to them, what would they put on stage? That is the question ZeBU’s new youth festival – FUT! – is asking over 300 young people from all over Sealand during five months of the 20/21 season.

The festival consists of seven youth performances, workshops with professionals, debates curated and facilitated by a youth-panel and a main presentation for the performance arts industry of the collected data of young people’s thoughts from surveys and workshops. ZeBU would like to thank Statens Kunstfond for the funding that made FUT! possible.