Community theatre

At ZeBU we believe that everyone has a story worth telling. That is why ZeBU has developed a concept for community theatre where children and young people can have the chance to step onto the stage and showcase a small part of their own world. Ordinary people’s stories and viewpoints are staged in professional settings where reality is dramatised in postdramatic documentary ways that balances fact and fiction.

The children’s and youth community theatre works towards a democratisation of performing arts. With a visions of promoting diversity through representation, stories and sharing experiences – both back- and on stage. The artistic team choose themes, methods and collaborations with the participants when developing the performance. The cast are not acting in the classical sense. They are on stage as the experts they are – on their own stories, that the performance explores.

Launch in 2019

In 2019 ZeBU launched the community theatre with the performance “Ama’r” which showed a static representative image of Amager’s youth. The performance explored statistics, stories and prejudice about the city district, and challenged what we though we knew.

The Amager Family

Season 20/21 will see the launch of the performance ”The Amager Family” which puts ordinary citizens of Amager, who usually wouldn’t meet each other, on stage. The performance is an inquiry into the phenomena of family in a local context. What ties us together? How does our local environment create identity and community? How does a family look today?