Touring shows

Theatre on tour is like
take-away for the soul

Tour 22/23

Max up!

From 13 years

The fable of the industrious ant

January 2023

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Snow and Sand

From 10 years

Can you live on a lie?

On request

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Man to Man

From 13 years

About being young after #MeToo

On request

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From 7 years

Get blown away!

On request

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From 16 years

Guest play by Teater2Tusind

September 19th - October 14th 2022

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Whether you are experienced with hiring touring theatre or if this is your first time booking for the whole municipality, we recommend you look through the items below.

Contact and contract
Your point of contact at ZeBU is tour-coordinator Henriette Kudsk, who takes care of all contracts and agreements. Be aware of the age groups we recommend for each show. After we have sorted out the terms, we will send a contract for you to sign and return.

At the venue
Take special notice of when ZeBU needs access to the venue in order to set up in time, and how much time is needed after the show before ZeBU can leave the venue. We often ask for a helping hand at the venue – this will be stated in the contract and our continuos dialogue.

Be sure that your person of contact is reachable while we are with you if any questions arise. Also remember if the show requires total blackout it needs exactly that.

Draw attention to the show
We will send you information and descriptions of the show, and bring flyers and poster for you to advertise it.

All of ZeBU’s shows are reimbursement approved. The Reimbursement Committee approves children’s and youth theatre that performs under municipal auspices. The state refund 50 pct. of the municipals’ expenses when hiring in professional children’s theatre or outreach theatre that has been reimbursement approved according to the general administrative order.

Contact tour-coordinator
Henriette Kudsk
+45 71 99 88 77