Guest play by MÆRKVÆRK

Dream Dream Dream

Guest play by MÆRKVÆRK

The young years are the years of big dreams. The future is vast, the sky is high, and dreams are pressing on. So do the demands of parents, communities, peers and perhaps most strongly of the young people themselves, while global world crises turn off lights and light fires. But how do you find your way and stick to ideas, visions and dreams? And what is a dream really?

In Dream Dream Dream, MÆRKVÆRK explores the essence and worth of the dream. They ask what the young people dream of and are curious about – everything from the wild visions on behalf of the world over the daydream, the dream education and the dream journey to the sweet dreams, the wet ones and the budding ones. And they take them seriously. In Dream dream dream, they take the young people’s dreams at face value and let them come true. One by one, they release them into a humorous, poetic, musical, and physical universe.

Free tickets to schools in the municipality of Copenhagen
Free tickets are available for primary schools and other institutions in Copenhagen municipality via Åben Skole. Contact ZeBU on 71 99 88 77 to order tickets.

From 13 years

Performance Dates March 21st - 31st 2023

Duration 60 min.

Price 40-135

Guestplay MÆRKVÆRK

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Be inspired by an educational and digital material that will be available from the 1st of March 2023 (in Danish). Meet brave young people who, based on their own stories, talk about their dreams. Including a climate activist, a poet and a sportsperson. The inspirational presentations can be experienced on Wednesdays and Thursdays after the 12.00 performances (duration 30 minutes and require a ticket for the performance).


Cast Anne Gry Henningsen (actress), Jeppe Kaas Vad (dancer), Ludvig Brostrup (actor)
Director Petrea Søe
Set design Siggi Oli Palmason
Dramaturg Trine Wisbech
Sound designer Thomas Dinesen


How do you find your way and stick to ideas, visions and dreams? And what is a dream really?