About being young after #MeToo

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Man to Man

About being young after #MeToo

The internet phenomenon and the global movement #MeToo came in record time on everyone’s lips when it broke through in Hollywood in October 2017 with massive accusations of sexual abuse in the film industry. Since then, it has spread to the rest of the world and aroused enormous debate about gender and equality.

In the show, we meet Jesper and Peter, two fathers of teenage boys. Their sons have both been involved in abusive behavior towards girls – one son has participated in abusive behavior via social media and the other has participated in a collective assault on a girl. Jesper and Peter have therefore agreed to participate in the campaign “Come on, boys!” which will focus on their behavior towards girls. They must, man to man, talk to the young people about man roles and behaviors.

Tour specs

Price 9.200 kr. (excl. VAT)
Audience capacity 100
Height 380 cm
Lenght 1400 cm
Depth 800 cm
Power 400 V (3×16 A)
Requires blackout Yes
Set up time 150 min.
Tear down time 90 min.

From 13 years

Tour Dates On request

Duration 60 min.

Contact tour-coordinator
Henriette Kudsk
+45 71 99 88 77

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Cast Jan Overgaard Mogensen, Carl Martin Norén
Director Jørgen Carlslund
Script Jørgen Carlslund, Jan Overgaard Mogensen, Carl Martin Norén
Composer Camilla Bang
Lighting design Sonja Lea
Costumes Maria Ipsen
Dramaturg Anne Burup Nymark
Sound technician Lasse Munk
Tech Katja Andreassen
Photography Jens Hemmel
Trailer Laptop Club


“An important issue in connection with the #MeToo movement and the just-adopted consent legislation is how to get boys and young men in particular to talk about consent, boundaries and sexual autonomy. Man to man is a very useful kickstarter for this purpose.”

– Kenneth Reinicke, PhD and associate professor