Max up! - ZeBU
A unique fusion of lectures, music and theater

Max up!

A unique fusion of lectures, music and theater

ZeBU presents new drama in collaboration with actress Signe Kærup Dahl.

Ant goes to school. It is diligent. Reading all night. Know all the answers. But what’s wrong with Ant? It cries on the toilet. The heart beats through the body. It just wanted to be happy, little Ant. Max up! is a fusion of musical theater and lectures based on new drama by Alexandra Moltke Johansen. The youth performance is especially intended for young people in schooling, as it unfolds the culture of education and performance through humor and audience involvement.

Tour specs

Price 9.950 kr. (excl. VAT)
Audience capacity 100
Height 400 cm
Lenght 1400 cm
Depth 800 cm
Power 230 V (13 A)
Requires blackout Yes
Set up time 120 min.
Tear down time 150 min.

From 13 years

Tour Dates October 4th - 10th 2021

Duration 60 min.

Price 40-135

Contact tour-coordinator
Henriette Kudsk
+45 71 99 88 77

Let learning reach a new level with a theatre experience, that can be integrated into the classroom with a well planned and coordinated workshop course at your school.


Co-production Signe Kærup Dahl og ZeBU
Playwright Alexandra Moltke Johansen
Idea and concept Signe Kærup Dahl
Director Jørgen Carlslund
Cast Signe Kærup Dahl, Rolf Hansen
Composer Jonas Munck Hansen
Stathis Tsemberlidis


Ant walks purposefully and unconsciously through the school system. Despite the heartbeat and broken limbs, it wins and becomes the best Ant pediatrician of all. Until the day it discovers that it has lost its heart and must flee into the forest.