Guest play by Teater2Tusind and Nørregaards Teater

Towards Foreign Shores

Guest play by Teater2Tusind and Nørregaards Teater

Join us on an authentic seafaring journey when the two actors Peter Seligmann and Jan Overgaard Mogensen invite everyone onboard on an incredible ship that sails back and forth in time and sets course for unknown land.

As the sea rages, the wind rages menacingly, and the waves rush over the crew, incredible stories of disaster and miracle unfold about having their lives on the line at a crucial moment. The ship sails us around the Danish waters. Past Erik the Red himself and brave sailors like Gert Nielsen from Købe and the brothers Flemming and Jakob from Hobro.

If you are over 9 years old, come along on an incredible ship journey when Against Unknown Land drops anchor at ZeBU from November the 6th – 11th.

From 9 years

Performance Dates November 6th - 11th 2022

Duration 50 min.

Price 40-135

Guestplay Teater2Tusind and Nørregaards Teater

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Cast Peter Seligmann, Jan Overgaard Mogensen
Director Nils P. Munk
Set design Claus Helbo, Carsten Wittrock
Lighting design Mik Manley Andersson
Costume design Elisabeth Hede Jensen
Photographer Mette Dahlquist


Experience a notion of having your life at stake when you stand right there in the middle of chaos and have to make crucial choices