Towards Foreign Shores - ZeBU
Guest play by Teater2Tusind and Nørregaards Teater

Towards Foreign Shores

Guest play by Teater2Tusind and Nørregaards Teater

Out of nowhere the storm became a hurricane. The ocean is in turmoil. The waves lash up and over the railing. The crew is bewildered as they scout towards the nearby ships. At starboard another ship heels over. At port side they are flooded. They bale and scoop out water for their lives! Erik The Red is bewildered.

In the year 986 Erik The Red ventures into the unknown. He has killed two men. In 1943 three boys from Bornholm stand on the rocks of Tejn. The beach is full of wreckage – and a dead sailor. In 1993 a 12-year old is faced with a choice: Do you want to live with mum or dad? In 2010 Jan loses his favourite jacket with badges and Hassan’s phone number. Last week a girl was pinched under a horse. Yesterday a couple of twins were born at Holstebro hospital, but the oxygen supply was suddenly cut off. Today someone crossed my path. I am not prepared in any way. I just want to sit here in my bed. With my duvet wrapped tightly around me.

From 9 years

Performance Dates October 11th - 16th 2021

Duration 50 min.

Price 40-135

Guestplay Teater2Tusind and Nørregaards Teater

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Cast Peter Seligmann, Jan Overgaard Mogensen
Director Nils P. Munk
Set design Claus Helbo, Carsten Wittrock
Lighting design Mik Manley Andersson
Costume design Elisabeth Hede Jensen


Experience a notion of having your life at stake when you stand right there in the middle of the hurricane’s eye and have to make the crucial choices.