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Get blown away!

Have you ever heard of the man who invented the saxophone?

On stage is a man and his saxophones. While he plays, he tells the story a jazz saxophonist’s last breath and the saxophone that was his grandfather’s heirloom from 1920. The story brings us on a visit to Rafaelle’s musical instrument shop at the foot of a smoking volcano where you can find an enormous double bass saxophone. Betwwen every blow, during every story and between every sentence we share a breath.

Oxygen is a fusion between psysichal theatre, acrobatics, live music and storytelling. The show is a philosophical and aesthetic treatment on the themes of saxophones, air, oxygen and breath.

Tour specs

Price 9.200 kr. excl. VAT
Audience capacity 100
Height 300 cm
Length 1000 cm
Depth 700 cm
Requires blackout Yes
Power 230 V (10A)
Set up time 180 min.
Tear down time 90 min.

From 7 years

Tour Dates On request

Duration 50 min.

Contact tour-coordinator
Henriette Kudsk
+45 71 99 88 77

Let learning reach a new level with a theatre experience, that can be integrated into the classroom with a well planned and coordinated workshop course at your school. Call us at 71 99 88 77 if you want to know more.


Co-production GLiMT and ZeBU
Idea, concept and performer Lars Lindegaard Gregersen
Director Jørgen Carlslund
Composer Arto Louis Eriksen
Costume design Camilla Sarrazin
Soundtech Søren Knud
Lighting design Sonja Lea
Photography Søren Meisner
Residency Human and Wind at Hansholm Fyr

”Lars Lindegaard Gregersen has everything elegantly under control. The show is present, exciting and funny. With his agile bodylanguage and lively musical storytelling he unfolds how he met the saxophone – or rather the saxophones.”
Teateravisen, Randi K. Pedersen